Hiker Swarmed by Bees

Swarm of Bees Causes Hiker to Fall to his Death on Echo Canyon Trail Another person dies on Camelback Mountain. This time the circumstances are tragic and somewhat out of the control of the victim. After being attacked by a swarm of bees 19 year old, Joshua Ruzsa fell to his death, off the side […]

Camelback Claims More Victims

Two men in their late 20s were rescued from the Echo Canyon trail Sunday 7/8/2012. Phoenix Fire rescued them after they had made it 3 quarters of the way up but were unable to continue. The two guys ran out of water and other generous hikers dialed 911 and stayed with them until helped arrived. […]

Naked Man Attempts Suicide

This is an amazing story.  Apparently a naked man tried to commit suicide on the Echo Canyon trail of Camelback Mountain on Saturday 11/5/2011. This definitely tops any theatrics we have seen on the mountain before. One of our gracious visitors submitted a YouTube Video that is posted below.  You can also see from the second video, how fellow hikers actually tackled and held the […]