Are You Ready for Hiking Season?

As we enter October in Arizona we enter Camelback Hiking season.  As summer weather cools down, outside activities become very enjoyable in a dry and cool Phoenix Metro climate.  With this desirable weather though brings many more out of town visitors, snowbirds and tourists looking to tackle either Echo Canyon or Cholla Trail.  Besides having to be more keen on parking restrictions around the Echo Canyon park here are five (5) tips to get you ready for a great hiking season in Arizona.


Hiking Camelback Tip #1 – Take it Slow

If you have not been very active during the summer or have not hiked in a while take it slow.  Even though the weather is cooler and the sun is less intense, the hike up Camelback Mountain is still a challenge.


Hiking Camelback Tip #2 – Take Plenty of Water

This tip may seem obvious as it is a necessity for survival if hiking during the summer time.  However many people neglect this fact when Hiking Camelback.  The distance, time and physical exertion requires a decent amount of water so don’t forget to take it with you.


Hiking Camelback Tip #3 – Equip the Proper Gear

This is good advice no matter what the time of year.  It is important to have the proper footwear when hiking Camelback.  Although regular tennis shoes will suffice, medium duty hiking shoes / boots if not high tops are recommended because of the jagged terrain.


Hiking Camelback Tip #4 – Pick the Proper Time

As the weather gets cooler Camelback mountain begins to fill up quickly.  If you want to avoid the crowds you’ll have to pick the time that works for you.  Be aware that on weekends, afternoons and mornings, both trails can be packed and parking is extremely limited.


Hiking Camelback Tip #5 – Commit to the Mountain

With nice outside temps there are many activities in the valley to occupy our time.  If you truly are wanting to enjoy the beauty that is Camelback you’ll need to commit to the exercise involved.  It is as much of a mental preparation as a physical one.


Do you have any hiking tips to add?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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