Parks Rules & Regulations

For a picture of the city of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Official Park Regulations Sign see below.

Many out of town visitors are unfamiliar with the Echo Canyon Park rules and regulations. Here is a list of them for use when visiting the park for hiking, rock climbing or simply sight-seeing.

Warning For All Patrons: Violations of these codes can result in up to a $2500 fine and/or 6 months in jail. (See Below)


Echo Canyon Park Regulations

  • Hours: Sunrise – 7:00pm or Sunset
  • Glass beverage containers prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverage permit required.
  • Amplified music permit required.
  • Motorized vehicles restricted to designated parking areas and paved roads.
  • Carrying a firearm limited to persons who possess a permit issued pursuant to section A.R.S 13-3112. (This is the concealed weapons permit)
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Destruction or removal of plants prohibited.
  • Fires allowed in designated areas only.
  • Per owners must clean up animal waste.

There are frequently park rangers on Camelback, especially during peak season (Oct-Mar) when parking moderation is required.  Through our experience we have witnessed every rule broken, sometimes causing safety issues.  Thank you for keeping these rules in mind when visiting Camelback.  These rules are designed for the safety and enjoyment for all visitors and residents of the surrounding areas.

Camelback Mountain Park Regulations Sign

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