Naked Man Attempts Suicide

This is an amazing story.  Apparently a naked man tried to commit suicide on the Echo Canyon trail of Camelback Mountain on Saturday 11/5/2011.

This definitely tops any theatrics we have seen on the mountain before.

One of our gracious visitors submitted a YouTube Video that is posted below.  You can also see from the second video, how fellow hikers actually tackled and held the man down until Phoenix Firefighters could arrive to remove the suicidal naked man from the mountain. (***Update Videos have been removed)  The last video is an ABC 15 report on the incident, that sheds a little more light on what actually happened with commentary from hikers that were there.


ABC 15 News Report

9 Responses to “Naked Man Attempts Suicide”

  1. Don’t really see how they were heroes.They were agging him to get to the top. If they knew that he wasn’t in the right state of mind they should have stopped him the second it happened. But they didn’t.

  2. I was there and there was no stopping him. Getting him to the top where they could properly assist and transport-wasthe the best option. He was mumbling and not making much sense.

  3. Dear Aubry,
    I rescued the naked man on Camelback Mountain last Saturday November 5th. Naked man was hallucinating or mental or both. When I realized he didn’t know he was naked and that he was going to commit suicide I decided to step in. I orchestrated a tackle tie down with the help of 3 men at the summit just before naked man could jump off a 500ft cliff to his death. I captured the entire attempt suicide rescue on my iPhone. That was just a small amount of video that you witnessed. There is much more to this story. Bottom line, I saved this man from himself.
    Ewelina Federkiewicz

  4. Ewelina – we salute you great job!

  5. You should have left your ego at the top of the mountain.

  6. Dear Aubry,
    My attempt of “egging him on” was to get him to think I knew where the summit was because our plan A was to steer him off the actual path to the summit. Plan A didn’t work. Naked man knew exactly where he was headed. Random question: Can mental people navigate well? And btw everyone was afraid to approach him. It was also my attempt at breaking the ice with him so that I could possibly start talking him out of suicide.

  7. WTH? Just found out about this. That guy is my friends son…. Glad he is ok.

  8. The girl filming this is no hero.You disgust me. And you did try to get him to the top and you did nothing to try to stop him.

    And to top it all off why would you put the film up of a man naked do you have any sense in you. How would you like it if someone posted full nudes of you all over the internet. What is wrong with you.
    And yes lay down your pride and take a look at yourself. One day you will give an account.

  9. To the girl who put that film up you need to take down that film find the young man and appologize for putting that film up at least you could of had the decency to block out the nudity.

    And just so you know he is not mental or crazy nor on steroids. Just becasue someone has acne does not make them a steroid user

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