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Winter Hiking

Winter hiking is upon us and there are few places better to hike during the winter months than Phoenix Arizona.  Moderate temperatures, no snow and overall pleasant weather allow for an enjoyable hiking experience. The only drawback to Hiking Camelback during the winter months is the dramatic increase in hikers which makes parking and navigating […]

Summer Hiking – Bonus Challenge

There are a few obvious tips you will read about when it comes to summer hiking.  These include, drinking and carrying plenty of water, wearing sunscreen and appropriate protective clothing.  There are other common sense guidelines and yes they are very important to follow when hiking Camelback Mountain given the intensity of both trails that […]

Lewi’s Going Away Hike

Here are some pics from Lewi’s going away hike back on June 25, 2007. It was a hot 109 degree day and we sent Lewi to Rocky Mount North Carolina in style.  The hike was on the Echo Canyon side and there was maybe 8 other people there that day.  This was a good thing […]

Sonoran Desert Weather

Phoenix climate is categorized as subtropical arid climate and is described by many locals as a “dry heat” or two seasonal.  This is because Phoenix typically has only two noticeable weather conditions, hot or warm. While the extremely hot summers keep many visitors away, the very warm winters attract many out of town visitors otherwise commonly referred […]

Live Webcam View – Camelback Mountain

Pictured below is a live feed of the south east side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. This webcam image is updated every 5 minutes and is provided courtesy of Phoenix Region Visibility Web Cameras.  Click on the image below to go to the official website. You will also find various other mountain webcams including […]