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Recommended Footwear For Camelback

In our last article we talked about the minimum footwear requirements for hiking Camelback as well as offered some suggestions for the various most common options.  This included looking at utilizing simple athletic or running shoes, hiking shoes, boots as well as toe or minimalist shoes. Follow this link to read this article on Hiking Footwear. After years […]

Hiking Footwear

What Shoes Should I Wear? A frequent question we get at is, “What is the correct footwear for hiking Camelback?”  While the final choice is more up to hiker preference, we have a few brief suggestions from hiking experience on Camelback mountain.   Minimum Requirements Neither Echo Canyon nor Cholla Trail is an easy walk-along hike.  […]

Sanctuary on Camelback Review

A Luxury Camelback Resort If you have hiked Camelback Mountain and looked to the north, you have probably noticed the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa.  It is kind of hard to miss the giant buildings and property with five tennis courts and large infinity pool.  Sanctuary is known as one of the best resorts in […]

Labrada Power Carb Review

Post Workout Recovery Drink A few days ago (Oct 7th) I wrote an article covering the top 5 tips to get an effective workout when hiking Camelback Mountain. (Click Here to View that Article) I wanted to expand upon Tip #2 which is Take a Recovery Drink and Hydrate. Specifically, I wanted to briefly cover […]

Summer Hiking – Bonus Challenge

There are a few obvious tips you will read about when it comes to summer hiking.  These include, drinking and carrying plenty of water, wearing sunscreen and appropriate protective clothing.  There are other common sense guidelines and yes they are very important to follow when hiking Camelback Mountain given the intensity of both trails that […]

Andrew’s Camelback Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Phoenix on a business trip.  The afternoon of May 1 and with a couple hours of free time, I headed to Echo Canyon for a little hiking, sightseeing, and stress relief.  As I had not planned on hiking while in Phoenix, stupid me thought that drinking as […]

Parks Rules & Regulations

For a picture of the city of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Official Park Regulations Sign see below. Many out of town visitors are unfamiliar with the Echo Canyon Park rules and regulations. Here is a list of them for use when visiting the park for hiking, rock climbing or simply sight-seeing. Warning For All Patrons: […]