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Recommended Footwear For Camelback

In our last article we talked about the minimum footwear requirements for hiking Camelback as well as offered some suggestions for the various most common options.  This included looking at utilizing simple athletic or running shoes, hiking shoes, boots as well as toe or minimalist shoes. Follow this link to read this article on Hiking Footwear. After years […]

Hiking Footwear

What Shoes Should I Wear? A frequent question we get at is, “What is the correct footwear for hiking Camelback?”  While the final choice is more up to hiker preference, we have a few brief suggestions from hiking experience on Camelback mountain.   Minimum Requirements Neither Echo Canyon nor Cholla Trail is an easy walk-along hike.  […]

Hiking Camelback Workout

Hiking Camelback is a great recreational activity but can also be a very serious workout.  The extreme incline and rugged terrain provide the perfect setting for good cardio, core and leg development. I’ve personally used Camelback as an addition to a weight training routine to increase cardiovascular development, trim body fat and improve overall athletic […]

Are You Ready for Hiking Season?

As we enter October in Arizona we enter Camelback Hiking season.  As summer weather cools down, outside activities become very enjoyable in a dry and cool Phoenix Metro climate.  With this desirable weather though brings many more out of town visitors, snowbirds and tourists looking to tackle either Echo Canyon or Cholla Trail.  Besides having […]